Bulk Wholesale Coco Mojo Mushroom Grow Blocks
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Bulk Wholesale Coco Mojo Mushroom Grow Blocks

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Experience the best grow kit blocks on the market!


This is the most fool-proof method for growing mushrooms without risking contamination. All you have to do is inoculate it as soon as possible and wait for colonization and you will be amazed at the magic of the mushroom.

Each contamination resistant block can yield over 2 lbs if the correct environment is maintained using a humidity tent, tub, or grow room. For some species simply inoculating is enough!

Great for beginners and experts alike!

NOTE: These are shipped in quantities of 6 (~3lb bags).


Coco Mojo: This extra special blend is formulated for species that grow best in dung. This magic formula is made from a blend of coco coir, soybean hull, rye or wheat, and vermiculite. 


Both are packaged in a high-quality PPE bag with a high-grade micron filter and high-temperature, self-healing injection port to minimize the risk of contamination (spores and syringe sold separately). Be sure to research your strain to ensure it will grow in these blends!

NOTE: Be sure to be as sterile as possible and inoculate ASAP for best results! 



  1. SUPER CLEAN: Clean your area like crazy, practicing sterile procedures. 
  2. FLAME ON: Flame sterilize the needle of your spore syringe with a lighter. 
  3. SAFETY FIRST: Inject with 4cc's of your desired strain then pull needle out slowly. For added protection, you can place tape over the top of the injection port. 
  4.  Simply set the sealed block in an area that has the proper temperature for the mushrooms to colonize.
  5. MYCELIUM = ROOTS (but cooler): Wait until your block is colonized with mycelium Determining this depends on your species, but for the most part the block hardens and turns white. This may take a few weeks.
  6. LITTLE DUDES: Once it is colonized wait for it to start pinning or for baby mushrooms to start popping up.
  7. SHOWER TIME: After wee mushrooms pop out. Open it and spray those bad boys with water twice daily.
  8. YUM: Pick mushrooms before the caps curl all the way up and enjoy!


SUPPORT: We want to talk to you! You can reach us by phone at 304-303-5514.

NOTE: We fill the blocks just below the filter patch. The weight is approximate. Please reach out to us if you feel your blocks aren't large enough and we'll send some more. Really if you have any problems reach out we'll help you. We want your repeat business and to help you get growing.