Get the very best sterilized grain on the market from Hernshaw Farms!
Sterilized Grain
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Sterilized Grain

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This is the best grain on the market!

We ship this product in sets of two 3lb bags.

We use either rye or millet. Our recipe is unique as it has an added bonus of soybean hull and coffee.


We hydrate these blocks with boiling reverse osmosis water to ~38% moisture content and then send them through our commercial-grade sterilizer. (This lower moisture content reduces chances for bacterial infection and gives you more bang for your buck.)

We then pull our blocks as soon as possible while they're still hot, then we seal them in our clean room and package them so they cool on the journey to you. Be sure to have your syringes ready as we typically ship within 24hrs. We even ship on Saturdays.

As noted all of our blocks undergo serious sterilization. We are WV's only commercially certified mushroom farm. If you are not satisfied with your purchase reach out to us and we will make it right. If it is damaged or contaminated upon arrival let us know and we'll fix it. Each block is equipped with its very own high-grade micron filter and is pre-sealed.

NOTE: Remember, nothing remains sterile forever, but we give you the best shot at success and take the hassle out of growing for you!



We recommend inoculating our blocks with 4+cc of a liquid syringe, the more you use per block the quicker your block is likely to colonize and the less chance of contamination, but if you use too much it can cause the moisture content to offset. Each block can yield over 3 lbs if the correct environment is maintained using a humidity tent, tub, or grow room. You can also expand our blocks to a tub for continued growth.


  1. SUPER CLEAN: Clean your area like crazy, practicing sterile procedures. 
  2. FLAME ON: Flame sterilize the needle of your spore syringe with a lighter. 
  3. SAFETY FIRST: Inject with 4cc's of your desired strain then pull needle out slowly. For added protection, you can place tape over the top of the injection port. 
  4.  Simply set the sealed block in an area that has the proper temperature for the mushrooms to colonize.
  5. MYCELIUM = ROOTS (but cooler): Wait until your block is colonized with mycelium Determining this depends on your species, but for the most part the block hardens and turns white. This may take a few weeks.
  6. LITTLE DUDES: Once it is colonized wait for it to start pinning or for baby mushrooms to start popping up.
  7. SHOWER TIME: After wee mushrooms pop out. Open it and spray those bad boys with water twice daily.
  8. YUM: Pick mushrooms before the caps curl all the way up and enjoy!