Hernshaw Farms Mixed Mushroom Grow Kit Combos from Hernshaw Farms
Mushroom Grow Kit Combos
Mushroom Grow Kit Combos
Mushroom Grow Kit Combos
Mushroom Grow Kit Combos
Mushroom Grow Kit Combos
Hernshaw Farms

Mushroom Grow Kit Combos

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Turn your kitchen into a mini mushroom farm!

Enjoy growing mushrooms at home with our easy-to-use, fully-colonized mushroom grow kits! This combo is a great way to explore our offerings and try something new. Grow blocks are seasonal, so try more all year round!

HERE'S THE DEAL: The experts here at Hernshaw Farms will send you a ready-to-grow block combo, tailored to the season and ready to produce mushrooms in a matter of weeks. All you'll have to do is open the plastic and mist the fun guys once or twice daily!

INSTRUCTIONS: Place your block in a shady spot in the kitchen - even outdoors under a tree or in the tall grass works, too! Then just mist it twice daily once you see growth popping up.

NOTE: You can also slit the bags and mist twice daily to force pins in a particular part of the bag.


  1. Dynamic Duo - 2 grow blocks; yields up to 8 lbs of fresh mushrooms
  2. Mushroom Trio - 3 grow blocks; yields up to 12 lbs of fresh mushrooms
  3. Four Fun Guys - 4 grow blocks; yields up to 16 lbs of fresh mushrooms
  4. Fabulous Five - 5 grow blocks; yields up to 20 lbs of fresh mushrooms


COMMON OFFERINGS: Pink, Gold, Snow, Italian, Black or Blue Oysters, Lion’s Mane, Shiitake, Chestnut, Reishi, or Lion’s Mane

Questions? Feel free to call us from 7 am to 6 pm EST at 304-303-5514.


Customer Reviews

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Mail Order is Fun!

Plants come with directions on container and support at website if necessary. Just water and watch them grow!

excellent find

I sent this to my friends for Xmas and have had such wonderful response! It is such a responsible gift - healthy especially. I also heard the kids were excited to watch it grow. I had one bag that was infected and got a quick and satisfactory response from them. Also I love that I am supporting hardworking people. I am definitely going to repeat gifting this for the holidays!

Natalie Goebel
I'm so excited

I have tried this for first time and while I was confused at first just different kinds of mushrooms and the rules for growing them I figured it out and I'm so excited for them to grow and harvest. I told all my friends lol

Kathleen Werle

Gave as a Christmas present.

Son Nguyen

Mushroom Grow Kit Combos