The finest mushrooms and mushroom grow kits are cultivated at Hernshaw Farms in West Virginia.

Hernshaw Farms grows our mushrooms in West by God Virginia. 


Hernshaw Farms is a sustainable social enterprise that will have a positive impact on Appalachian communities. We will nurture and transform mine land into beautiful farmland using spent mushroom blocks. And we will provide healthy local food with a purpose.

Country Roads leading to Hernshaw Mushroom Farm in West By God Virginia

How It Works

Every time you purchase our mushrooms, you help us turn mineland2farmland.  After our mushroom blocks go through their flushes we use them to make compost. Then we use that compost to turn old mineland into farmland.

Why It Matters

Right now, Appalachia and West Virginia in particular are facing some of the harshest realities. From the addiction crisis to dealing with a struggling economy. 

At Hernshaw Farms we are doing our part to lift up this place we call home, this place you can only get to on country roads. By cultivating nutritious mushrooms, we can help create jobs, help our neighbors with access to fresh food, and clean up mine land. 

This isn't just a job for us, it's our passion - our home.


Meet George Patterson, Owner & Founder

Simply put, George, is a mushroom farmer with a purpose!   He recently graduated from the William and Mary St. Andrews Joint Degree Programme and wants to use his skills to contribute to the Great Appalachian Revival.  His real hope is to do something in life that makes him happy and to leave the world a better place than he found it.  George is from Charleston, WV and loves mushroom risotto.