micro greens grow kit from Hernshaw Farms in West Virginia
Micro Greens liven up your diet, add essential nutrients, and are simple and affordable.
Micro Greens Grow Kit
Micro Greens Grow Kit
Micro Greens Grow Kit
Hernshaw Farms

Micro Greens Grow Kit

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Enjoy up to 5 oz of micro greens on your own counter!


  1. Spread out a layer of Coco Coir in the pan (brown bag).
  2. Spread the seeds evenly over the Coco Coir.
  3. Add another thin layer of Coco Coir over the seeds.
  4. Moisten with a bit of water.
  5. Spread a wet paper towel over the mix for the first day.
  6. Lightly water daily (don't soak).
  7. Enjoy your micro greens!

Choose from Radish or Mighty Mix! Mighty mix contains: Kale broccoli cauliflower arugula.