shiitake mushroom grow kit from Hernshaw Farms in West Virginia
Shiitake Mushroom Grow Kit
Hernshaw Farms

Shiitake Mushroom Grow Kit

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Turn your kitchen into a mini mushroom farm!

Enjoy growing mushrooms at home with our easy-to-use, fully-colonized mushroom grow kits!

HERE'S THE DEAL: The experts here at Hernshaw Farms will send you a ready-to-grow block for Shiitake Mushrooms

made from local sawdust, grain, soybean hull, and love. This 8 lb block will produce 1-3 lbs of fresh mushrooms over a period of 3 flushes.

All you'll have to do is open the plastic and mist the fun guys once or twice daily!

INSTRUCTIONS: Wait till the block completely browns. Refrigerate it for 24hrs. Then soak it overnight in cold water. Place your block in a shady spot in the kitchen - even outdoors under a tree or in the tall grass works, too! Then just mist it twice daily once you see growth popping up.

NOTE: You can also slit the bags and mist twice daily to force pins in a particular part of the bag.

 Questions? Feel free to call us from 7 am to 6 pm EST at 304-303-5514.


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I got one small batch of mushrooms and then it just sat there for months until I threw it away

Jessica Bailey
No Comment- Loved it!

No Comment- Loved it!

Shannon Botsford
The website instructions, I think, could b...

The website instructions, I think, could be improved with a more step-by-step list, and include approximate timeline/days for each step. It was hard to figure out how long to keep in fridge, for example before removing

Ashten Sporer
No Comment- Loved it!

No Comment- Loved it!

Gretchen Vandervort
No Comment- Loved it!

No Comment- Loved it!