Dry Fire Block from Hernshaw Farms for growing any kind of mushroom from spore like magic!
Dry Fire Blocks - Set of 3
Dry Fire Blocks - Set of 3
Dry Fire Blocks - Set of 3
Dry Fire Blocks - Set of 3
Hernshaw Farms

Dry Fire Blocks - Set of 3

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These are the best grow blocks on the market. We use a secret blend of sawdust, soybean hull, gypsum and love!

Set of 3 dry grow blocks. If properly sterilized and inoculated these blocks will typically yield over 12+ lbs of mushrooms!

These blocks are contamination resistant with the proper skills! Each block is equipped with its very own high-grade micron filter and is easy to seal with the included plastic zip ties.

***Purchasers must have a pressure cooker able to fit one approximately 6-inch by 5-inch by 4-inch block. Most pressure cookers should do the trick and can be found at your local big blue box store. It is possible to simply add one gallon of boiling water however the product is much more likely to contaminate.***


    1. Add 1 gallon (3.8 liters) of clean water to each block
    2. Fold and tape the bag with the patch protected as depicted in the product photos (the block comes pre-folded in the correct manner).
    3. Pressure cook each block for 2 hours at 250 PSI. (If your pressure cooker is big enough you can do both at once)
      Be sure the block is not touching the sides or bottom of the pressure cooker.
      You can use mason jar lids to create a stand in the bottom of your pressure cooker if you don't have one. You can also wrap your block in aluminum foil to ensure that the plastic does not stick to the sides.
    4. Let the block cool in the pressure cooker until it is room temperature (typically takes 8hrs).
    5. Innoculate the block in an extremely clean and sterile environment (put your spores or spawn in the bag) then seal the bag with a zip tie.
    6. Let the block colonize at the proper temperatures and wait for fruiting!
    7. Pick and enjoy your mushrooms! 

NOTE: Each purchaser will receive these detailed instructions via email with included videos and articles, as well as great sources for mushroom spawn, to ensure the very best results!