XL Mushroom Grow Bags
XL Mushroom Grow Bags
XL Mushroom Grow Bags
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XL Mushroom Grow Bags

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Want to make your own grow bags?

Grab some bulk substrate and of these awesome XL mushroom grow bags for a great yield.  

These bags are great for growing all types of mushrooms. Each tough bag can be filled with sawdust and pressure cooked at extremely high temperatures OR it can be filled with a sterilized substrate, such as straw doused in boiling water, to fruit beautiful mushrooms.


  • high-grade HEPA filter patch - allows the mycelium to breathe during its growing cycle permitting great gas exchange
  • hold an astonishing 18lbs of a substrate to fruit over 3lbs of mushrooms
  • quality tough bags
  • each order is for 60 bags