Coco Fire Mix - 12lbs
Coco Fire Mix - 12lbs
Coco Fire Mix - 12lbs
Coco Fire Mix - 12lbs
Coco Fire Mix - 12lbs
Hernshaw Farms

Coco Fire Mix - 12lbs

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This is the best grow block on the market!

We use a secret blend of coco coir, grain nutrients,  sawdust, soybean hull and love.

Just innoculate with your own grain spawn, 8cc of a liquid syringe, or agar. Beautiful results for awesome and delicious mushrooms! Each block can yield over 3 lbs if the correct environment is maintained using a humidity tent, tub, or grow room!

This block is contamination resistant with the proper skills! Each block is equipped with its very own high-grade micron filter and is easy to seal with the included wire strand!

Great for beginners and experts alike!


    1. SUPER CLEAN: Clean your area like crazy, practicing sterile procedures. 
    2. FLAME ON: Flame sterilize the needle of your spore syringe with a lighter. 
    3. SAFETY FIRST: Inject with 4cc's of your desired strain then pull needle out slowly. For added protection, you can place tape over the top of the injection port. 
  1.  Simply set the sealed block in an area that has the proper temperature for the mushrooms to colonize.
  2. MYCELIUM = ROOTS (but cooler): Wait until your block is colonized with mycelium Determining this depends on your species, but for the most part the block hardens and turns white. This may take a few weeks.
  3. LITTLE DUDES: Once it is colonized wait for it to start pinning or for baby mushrooms to start popping up.
  4. SHOWER TIME: After wee mushrooms pop out. Open it and spray those bad boys with water twice daily.
  5. YUM: Pick mushrooms before the caps curl all the way up and enjoy!

We also offer discounts for higher quantity purchases. We noticed that most of our block purchases were greater than two so we price our kit size to benefit you. We ship in even numbers to make the most out of the shipping space available. And if it's damaged when you receive it we'll do our best to fix it.

All you have to do is wait for colonization and you will be amazed at the magic of the mushroom!

This version is for flat rate boxes, so those that are farther away can save, If you're closer to wild and wonderful West Virginia check out our store for more cost effective shipping options!