DiTrapano Olive Oil
DiTrapano Olive Oil
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DiTrapano Olive Oil

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Big Flavor, beautifully balanced.

About THE OIL from the DiTrapano 

Our olives are exclusively from
Itrana, Frantoio and Leccino olive
trees grown on and near our estate
in the Lepini mountains. We first
began producing our small batch,
extra virgin olive oil in 2015.
After being harvested, the olives
are cold pressed within 48 hours.
This is a process that uses no heat
or chemicals ensuring maximum
Our olive oil has a robust, fruity
flavor with a hint of sea salt and a
peppery finish, A flavor that can
only be produced by the olives of
this region.
Making exceptional oil is hard
work and we always need an extra
hand. Don't hesitate to ask about
our harvest dates and how you can
get involved in the experience.