Reishi Mushroom Grow Kit
Reishi Mushroom Grow Kit
Hernshaw Farms

Reishi Mushroom Grow Kit

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Turn your kitchen into a mini mushroom farm!

Enjoy growing mushrooms at home with our easy-to-use, fully-colonized mushroom grow kits!

HERE'S THE DEAL: The experts here at Hernshaw Farms will send you a ready-to-grow block for Reishi Mushrooms made from local sawdust, grain, soybean hull, and love

INSTRUCTIONS: NOTE - these guys need some different things than some other varieties. Make sure to read the instructions below or on our Instructions page.

  • Here's the one simple thing for Reishi Mushroom Grow Kits: do NOT open it.
  • Keep the temperature at about 70F. No direct light, just indirect light.
  • Reishi are essentially low maintenance hermits, but man they take awhile to grow - like a couple to a few months!
  • Harvest when they look like the awesome photo above. They're tough guys so use a serious knife.
  • Reishi are medicinal and great for tea, boil 'em, and give their incredible properties a try!

 Questions? Feel free to call us from 7 am to 6 pm EST at 304-303-5514.