Grandpa Kushner's Oak Tree

Appalachian living

There are fewer things that perhaps set you up for success in life than the lessons from the oaks in a person's life.

You know. The people who have been there for you, advise you, look out for you, and wish nothing more than your success. I believe for our Foreman Kushner the man, myth, larger than an oak person, was Grandpa Kushner.

Grandpa Kushner taught him life lessons that are more valuable than anything--than money, than cars, than any material thing even mushrooms. So call it good luck, or maybe some sort of blessing from the man above when Foreman Kushner calls me telling me they are chipping his Grandpa's tree because the roots have started to grow into the foundation of his old house.

So we arranged for them to make there way to the farm. And now we use it in our mushroom blocks. I think it's pretty cool that every mushroom has a little bit of Grandpa Kushner in it. It's something beautiful, poetic I guess. So far the farm is making it.

I'm still sleeping on an air mattress, but a little bit of that is good for you.

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