The Pritchard that Gives a Shiitake

Appalachian living farm life

Because mushrooms do matter.

“Well it’ll work ” and “Do you need anything?”.

Those are the two phrases that best capture the bear of the man that is Andrew Jordon.

At about six six and with a firm handshake I have to crank my neck back to see him, he’s the man that runs the mines and has mined the land we’re turning to farmland.

He drives a Ford pick-up and takes phone-calls from the driver’s seat. I’ve been in the passenger with an ear on as he checks in on his employees and asks them how things are as a whole. Usually he asks about the equipment, the huntin’, their day-to-day struggles, and then the job that needs done.

Simply put, Andrew Jordon gives a shiitake about people and the future of the state. He helped orchestrate this project, and honestly none of it would have been possible without him.

I think he sees an avenue for our economy to easily diversify using the readily available infrastructure, and does something about it. And that indeed is a good thing.

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