Why Mineland2Farmland?

For the pursuit of happiness and a better Appalachia.

Well. Usually when people ask me what I do the conversation typically goes.

“I’m a mushroom farmer trying to turn mine land to farmland.”

“So you you’re growing mushrooms?”

“We are and we’re going to use the leftover substrate to turn mineland to farmland”

“That’s interesting...”

No one ever really asks “why?”. Well, I was listening to Governor Jim Justice’s inaugural address. He said we needed to find our crop and that it was an 800 pound gorilla. I’ve only owned one stuffed gorilla and it’s nowhere near 800 pounds. But I think I’ve found our crop. Mushrooms can provide year round employment at good wages. This is something that would be great for small mining communities. This is especially true considering that we’re able to use the spent substrate to make great compost. We’ve still got a lot to learn, but we’re coming along!

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